BCI~IT provides a number of solutions that can benefit any organization in any industry but over the years our team has built a successful track record in providing best of breed technology combined with unparalleled consulting services, for the following solutions:

BCI~IT understands the unique needs of and offers experience and solutions geared toward the following industry verticals:

State and Federal Government

BCI~IT provides virtualization solutions that are designed to reduce capital cost; improve security; provide easier provisioning; and dramatically reduce power, floor space, and environmental requirements. BCI~IT consultants will provide and support virtualization technology solutions that fit your environment from desktop to datacenter.
Please contact and engage our team today!

Please contact and engage our team today!

Storage Enviroment

BCI~IT provides storage solutions that will deliver the right combination of hardware, software and services to help our customers afford greater utilization of storage assets, lower costs, support business continuity or disaster recovery imperatives and complying with legal and regulatory requirements.

Expanding industry regulations, heightened patient safety concerns, staffing shortages and a constant need to contain costs are many of the tough challenges that healthcare organizations are facing today. BCI~IT will provide solutions to healthcare organizations that will focus on ease of use and low maintenance.
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Legacy Overhaul

Got COBOL? BCI~IT will provide tools to modernize your legacy COBOL mainframe environments to .Net or Solaris Framework. The transformation will provide you full utilization of your migrated application while taking advantage of the technology in the new platform.

The benefits will be:
  • Significant Cost Reduction
  • Speeds up Performance
  • Enables New Processes
BCI~IT recognizes the tremendous value invested in batch applications that may seem locked in mainframe architecture. Taking advantage of new technologies on the mainframe, such as Web services, requires considerable effort and investment - more than most companies can afford. If this value can be placed in a more flexible, agile environment, such as the Windows operating system/ Microsoft .NET Framework, or Unix/Linux operating systems/JAVA framework so that organizations have the opportunity to unlock the value to enhance business operations and provide new or better services to customers.

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