Deciding when to staff - how many people - what types of skills sets - can be overwhelming. Even adding headcount to an already established technical team can be daunting. With so many variables to consider, many hiring managers find themselves overwhelmed by the responsibilities that come with planning and budgeting for resources.

A simple needs analysis of your organization and its business objectives will start you on the right path to determining staff ratios and hiring timelines. Once these factors are determined, you can create an effective job requisition that will attract the talent you need.
Whether you are looking for consultants or a permanent employee to add to your headcount, BCI~IT's staffing services can help:

BCI~IT Consultants

Because BCI~IT does not need to maintain a costly bench of consultants, we are able to provide you with experienced, on-demand consultants, giving you immediately productive IT professionals without unnecessary pass along costs. Our consultants possess a wide range of current skills and technical competencies, in a wide spectrum of platforms, technologies and industry sectors.
Permanent Placements

BCI has developed and maintains a very successful permanent placement business segment to meet the IT needs of our clients. We have thousands of associates who are interested in either contract or full-time permanent positions, many of which prefer the full-time "permanent" option. When staffing permanent positions, we work closely with our clients to identify the ideal candidate skills and go beyond the resume to make sure the candidate is also a good fit for your business culture.

Permanent placement is a long-term commitment on both sides, so we invest time sourcing a permanent resource that matches more than just a skill set. We have achieved success only when the resource becomes a productive, value-adding direct hire for your company.
  Wide range of expertise

BCI~IT has extensive knowledge and experience to provide you with the proper staffing solutions in any of the following areas:

Strategy/Planning Services
Requirements/Design Support
Business Case Development
New Application Development Services
Application Support/ Management Services
Testing Development, Management and Execution
Conversion / Re-host Services
Technology Migration Services
Project / Program Management
Network Infrastructure